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Download PDF EBooks For FREE: Our Anniversary Promotion

For celebration and promotion of our Financials Group Anniversary, our team decides to give away some PDF EBooks now for your free download.

Financials Group Anniversary

Since this website, Financials Group, launched in June 2011, we have continuously provided a lots of professional posts about financial related topics. Our site has grown very rapidly in this one year and has become one of the popular online financial magazines in the market.

Our website has also successfully built trust to readers as well as search engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc). Within just a few months after our site launch, this sub-domain already gained a PR3 in Google page ranking since early 2012. Now its page rank is still stably maintained as PR3 and, with all your supports, we believe that our site will rank even higher soon.

As an annual review and recognition, here are our top 10 hottest posts over this year:

(1) Shanghai vs HK: Top Financial Centre;
(2) Risks of Glencore (GLEN.L);
(3) Making Profits By Buying Bad Debts;
(4) Financial Mathematics as Best Trading Strategies;
(5) FAQs of Medallion Signature Guarantee;
(6) Stock Market Day-Trading: 10 Golden Success Rules;
(7) Greece Debt Crisis Never Ends;
(8) Forex Signal Generator Fundamentals;
(9) Strategic Stock and Options Investing Skills;
(10) Stock Market Alternatives: Making Money Online Tips.

Download PDF EBooks For FREE

In this one year, we always want to give away some free stuffs in this website to our readers. Now it is our first time that we have put together several PDF E-books here for your free download, as we also want to make use of them to promote and celebrate for our first Anniversary.

Here is a table of 100% free PDF E-books for your download:

E-Book Title and Short IntroductionFREE PDF Link
Shanghai vs HK: This useful mini E-Book writes about the financial Competition among Shanghai and HK.Download
Most Suggested Places to Visit in Asia: This useful mini E-Book writes about the 3 most suggested places to visit in Asia region.Download
Practical Ways to Deal With Inflation: This useful mini E-Book writes about the practical ways currently used to deal with inflation in the mainland China.Download
Expected Outcome of European Debt Crisis: This useful mini E-Book writes about the most possible expected outcome of European debt crisis.Download
Can Anybody Ensure Yuan Appreciation?: This useful mini E-Book argues if anybody can ensure Yuan appreciation.Download
Suggested Ways to Promote Your Site: This useful mini E-Book suggests practical ways for you to promote our site.Download
Safe Methods to Build Backlinks: This useful mini E-Book suggests safe methods for you to build backlinks for your website.Download

Table: 100% FREE PDF E-Book(s)

You should take note here: distribution of our ebooks can be done but any change in content inside our PDF files, including each link back to site of the content owner, is not allowed.

We hope you like this free PDF EBooks download promotion. Happy downloading and let us celebrate altogether for our first Anniversary!

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