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Forex Signal Generator: Run Fundamental and Technical Analysis via Automated Trading Software Program System

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By Francisco Rodriguez

Forex (Foreign Exchange, Forex currency exchange) simply means the buying of one currency and selling another at the same time. In other words, the currency of one country is exchanged for those of another. The currencies of the world are on a floating exchange rate, and are always traded in pairs Euro/Dollar, Dollar/Yen, etc. In excess of 85 percent of all daily transactions involve trading of the major currencies.

Needless to say using both fundamental and technical analysis is quite complex and can be a very time consuming challenge. Except for "news" traders many Forex traders default to primarily using Forex technical analysis. A prime example of "news" is the Non Farm Payroll announcement. This announcement normally takes place on the first Friday of each month at 8:30am Eastern Time. Forex traders who trade the news position themselves in the market to capture as many PIP's as possible during the market corrections that take place just after a "news" release. Forex traders who trade the news rely quite a bit on fundamental indicators in making their trade decisions. New Forex software programs that gather and interpret Forex fundamental indicators have been around for a while and they will continue to improve their accuracy with time.

Speaking of Forex software programs, one of the most rapidly developing forms of Forex software are "Expert Advisors". Forex Expert Advisors (EA's for short) are software programs that operate within your Forex trading platform. So far, the industry leading Forex trading platform for EA's is the Metatrader 4 Trading Platform designed by ODL Securities. There are several advantages to using an EA. Perhaps chief among these advantages is the fact that the "on-board" programming of the EA eliminates the need for the Forex trader to spend a lot of time doing technical analysis. Once an EA is properly initiated, it will automatically trade a specified Forex pair, or pairs, using a predetermined strategy or Forex trading approach.

As a part time trader, you cannot keep much time for technical analysis. It's the work of full time traders. But in that case, how could a part time trader win the forex market? Forex market is growing faster and faster than any other market in the world. Many latest tools have also evolved for the forex market. The solution for the part time traders is to get the forex trading signals. Trading signals are time-tested indicators of trends in the forex market. Breakouts, support levels and resistance levels, envelope patterns, currency pairs near moving averages, stochastic lines, oscillators, Fibonacci levels - application of these indicators enable forex traders to make a profitable entry into the market. There are about 26 such indicators - reason enough for investors to rely on seasoned forex brokers.

Back testing is absolutely necessary in order to optimize the settings for an EA and as such it is very valuable process but the process is not perfect. Data mismatches can occur during the back test process which can degrade the results somewhat. The source of these data mismatches is not known at this time but it is an industry wide problem and the solution to the mismatch problem is being vigorously pursued. Even with its flaws the back test process remains of utmost importance when it comes to optimizing the performance of any EA. The time saving nature of using an EA coupled with the stress reducing effect that it has on the Forex trader has boosted the popularity of this kind of Forex trade automation. It is just this kind of Forex trade automation that is helping to fuel the explosive growth of the retail Forex market. It is no longer necessary to stay glued to your computer monitor and "baby sit" your Forex trades. Not only that but a properly designed EA can perform functions that even the most skilled and experienced Forex traders find difficult. For example, there are EA's on the market today that can trade multiple currency pairs simultaneously. Other EA's can trade multiple Forex hedge trades at the same time!

Well known Forex signal generators are also reviewed in most online forums. It's good to visit these forums to ensure that the Forex signal generator you are planning to use is recommendable. Newbie investors and companies need to be very careful with black box Forex generators and EAs which abound the market. Scammers are only to quick to ride the bandwagon of Forex Automated Trading.

The main advantage of these automated forex trading systems is that there is no need for you to depend on any other forex signal providing organizations or on the forex brokers who serves you. There are many chances that your forex brokers systems may also get down due to some other reasons. They can even trade for you even while you sleep! To catch up with fast growing forex market and to make good profits in forex trading, I prefer the automated forex trading systems. These automated forex trading systems will be of more useful to both part time and full time forex traders.

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