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Success Secrets Towards Achieving Financial Freedom Goal

It has always, without any doubt, been mankind desire and dream to achieve freedom goals. Freedom of speech, Freedom of love, Freedom of thoughts, Freedom of expression, Freedom of belief etc. So then why not seeking Financial Freedom?

By definition, from Wikipedia, financial freedom refers to a well-planned lifestyle with sufficient wealth that one no longer needs to worry or work for any income source to cover his daily living expenses.

For broader internet search definitions, you may even find that financial freedom is now relating to a very wide range of topics, including investment success secrets, real estate investment, stock market investment, passive income, profit opportunities, millionaire wealth, retirement investment, business joint-venture investment, home-based business, internet marketing strategy, good fortune, quick-rich schemes, financial security, easy cash, easy money, and a lot more.

Popular personal finance books, such as 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' wealth series, have got lot of people interested in and also wondered why they could not learn how to get financially intelligence from traditional schools. Although whether all these personal finance books are 100% real stories can be debatable, most of them are not pure fictions. Instead, they promote financial independence professionally through owning businesses, investing real estate, or many other passive means of wealth generating ideas.

It is never easy to seek financial freedom although people are aspire and hunger to achieve this goal. If one works in a company with no bargaining power or decision-making authority, management of the organization will fully dictate his financial well-being. He will assume responsibility of their management decision mistakes, if any, out of his own control. Though there could be external factors (eg: government policy changes, global market environment, local market competition etc) that caused such problems, he will still 100% bear the financial consequence of their management failure. He will then suffer from stagnant pay, down sizing, retrenchment, pay cut, or even layoff.

So what will happen next? He will have to start looking for his new job. This time he may be lucky enough to get another job working in a large blue chip company, or may be even better, working as a civil servant comfortably with an iron rice bowl. So in his minds, he may think that he has finally made it in his life. However, does he really make it? His salary income may simply not be able to cover his daily expenses. He may also be just one of the million out there who is still financially struggling to pay car loan, home mortgage loan, or the never-ending telephone, utility and credit card bills etc.

In case if he is very fortunate and is able to get a great job with pay check exceeding his living expenses. He may also be one of the fortunate few who can earn very good salary income working on the top ladder of his organization. But if you were him, you would still ask yourself these questions: Are you really happy? Are you out of the high working pressure or heavy workloads? Are you out of the daily office politics? Are you out of the rush-hour traffic jams that just never seem to disappear?

It can be wonderful if you really like doing your job. That is great! But is your wealth growing fast enough? Are you actually using the true power of compounding to build up wealth so that one day if you determine to quit your job eventually, you still have sufficient passive wealth supporting all your living expenses?
Bear in mind that financial freedom, by definition, does not equal to free of debt. Theoretically, debts should be considered as another expenses. You are still financially-free as long as your passive investment income can cover all living expenses. Assets of your passive investment shall also be easily liquidated whenever in need. In a more simplified description, financial freedom can be defined as a passive situation when one has money works for him instead of working hard for money.

The big question now is: how can you really achieve financial freedom goal? In fact, this goal can be achieved by learning, finding, and then investing your effort, time or money into establishing profitable passive income streams that can last long consistently even after you have finished such establishments. There are multiple ways available to establish this kind of money-generating machine. It can be trading or investing in stocks, futures, commodities, bonds, forex markets or any other financial instruments that help you generate investment income streams. Business joint-ventures, internet marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), passive wealth building, or property ownership for capital/rental income are other common money-generating vehicles out there.

The largest obstacle for financial freedom, however, is not just the necessary experience, skills, money or know-how to establish it. The key to good passive income wealth is to find out suitable money-making machines that suit for your own ability. You can surely have more than one money-making machine (ie: multiple machines). How many or how large money-making machines you should build will largely depend on your interests, desires, capitals, abilities, investment styles, risk tolerance and acceptance levels etc. Everybody is unique. The main point is that you need to be in full control of those critical decisions that can seriously affect your retirement life.

It is no doubt that you always need money to make money. However, it is also possible that you can generate substantial wealth with just little start-up money for future investment. Lots of wealthy millionaires have already proven such possibility and you can surely be one of them! Act now! You have to firstly remove all subconscious blocks you currently have towards passive income investment streams if you do want to achieve financial freedom goal seriously.


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