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Legal Ways to Prevent Foreclosure: Understand Detailed Procedures, Guidelines and Regulations

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By Jen Wehner

Nobody wishes to face a foreclosure on their home. However, in our hard economic times, more and more families are now confronted with this demanding situation. There are different guidelines and regulations which might apply to you if you are going through the foreclosure process and therefore you should seek the counsel of an seasoned real estate professional. A certified Realtor such as Scottsdale Realtor, Jen Wehner could prove to be the difference in saving your home from foreclosure.

The following guidelines can make the difference to prevent foreclosure:

You must ask for a loan modification. Occasionally lending establishments can modify the terms of a mortgage if you are suffering serious financial hardship. This is usually carried out in range of methods including extending the loan term, which will let you to have lower monthly payments that are a lot more affordable. During temporary hardships, financial institutions might be willing to design what is called a "forbearance agreement". This enables for temporary changes to the mortgage agreement due to a financial hardship. In order to receive the agreement, you have to convince the lenders that the hardship is temporary while still being able to pay your mortgage in the future in order to avoid foreclosure. You can try refinancing your mortgage to receive a lower APR. Word of warning on this one, this request will probably be rejected if you have been late in paying your mortgage in the past. It is easy to always request a "deed in lieu" of foreclosure. Doing so enables you to offer your home back to the lenders in stopping a foreclosure completely implanting itself on your credit report.

The good news to this state of affairs is that a lot financial lenders will accept this option. The bad news, if you have a lot of equity in your home, this suggestion implies that you will lose everything you have invested in your home. Lastly, if you do not watch your financial circumstances changing, you can always sell your home. This is at times the best option for families who do not want to increase their total debt. Sometimes, you can save what equity you have in your home while finding another home. Foreclosures Due to to Liens

If you are attempting to prevent foreclosure due to a lien being placed on your home, unfortunately, the only recourse is having to pay the lien. If you do not pay off the lien, you face losing your home. If you feel that you do not owe the debt, which the lien was created for, you always have the alternative of taking the dispute to court and relying on a Housing judge to sort out the mess.

Details on the Foreclosure Procedure

There is data available for anybody facing foreclosure. You can contact the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. This organization offers useful and educational facts to anyone going through foreclosure. One more fantastic suggestion in gaining insightful information is Jen Wehner, a Scottsdale Realtor who is a real estate professional with lots of experience on foreclosures. Most Realtors will not charge a fee to speak with you but they will charge a fee in selling your home or other services, which they present.

No matter if, you are going through a foreclosure or having to deal with a Scottsdale short sale or a Phoenix short sale, a great Realtor can help walk you through the process. A Realtor can help you in saving your home from foreclosure.

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