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Truth Behind Descriptive Real Estate Terms: What They Truly Mean

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By Rich Martin

As a realtor we generally attempt to put the best spin on our listing descriptions. As a consumer, you wish to be in a position to see thru the "spin" and work out what the description truly means. Here's a sarcastic look at descriptive real estate terms.

You will recognize a lot of these terms if you've looked at many homes for sale.

You will particularly see these terms when taking a look at old Houston Craftsman Style homes for sale. Anyway, here are some poplar terms and what they really mean:

- Charming: you do not really want to see this. This is Grandma's old house and it may smell like Grandma's new house

- Original condition: unless you're the rare person hunting for that untouched house, leave it will be stepping back in time.See "charming" above

- Easy expressway access: you can hear those vehicles night and day

- Great location: "but not much else is good

- Easy care yard: Not even enough room for the dog to poop

- Just one owner: doubtless about to die in it, and never updated

- Ready for your touches: Ready for a major expense

- Live in now, build later: that's right, spend tons of money now to make it livable, and just dream about your future home

- Sunny lot: Barren, like the Sahara desert

- Extraordinarily desirable: area "you are going to pay more to be snobbish

- Close to school: the small monsters are going to stomp your flowerbeds every day

- Friendly neighbours: they spy on each move you make

- Secluded yard: overgrown "bring a machete

- Owner finance: No bank would loan on it

- DIY DIY special: Good luck getting a loan on it "seeowner finance above

- Unique: this can go either way: amazing unique or creepy unique. Either way, it is not for average people; maybe a relocating Californian

- Must see the inside: "A run-down house that been painted on the inside

- City life: Watch the destitute pee in the streets

- Comfy: Miniscule, cramped, perfect for those without furniture

- Motivated seller: Let's dump this place and get out of here

- One vehicle garage: you won't be able to open your automobile door after you get in

- Sunroom: a room that will blast you out in summer and you'll pray for sun in winter to heat it

- Lack of descriptive words: If there are not any puff terms, then even the agent couldn't think about anything good to say of it. Don't even bother, unless you are looking for a project

- Lack of photos: If there are very few photos "it's ugly, it's packed full of junk, or a troll lives there.

I hope this is helpful.Read Realtor descriptive terms carefully and apply what you see here.

In the future I hope you don't all excited about that "charming" little house.

About the Author:

Rich Martin is a Houston Heights Realtor focusing on inner loop houses and older Houston close-in areas. He writes about issues found in older 1900's to 1950's neighborhoods as well as pricing, price trends, etc. Selling Houston Heights houses is his love; both new and old.

Remark: Please note that all web links pointing to author's site are now removed according to author's recent request.


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