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SMM (Social Media Management) as Web Marketing Tool: Facebook for Business

By Dan Moore

In the last issue we talked over using Facebook ads to enhance your business even more. In this issue we are going to talk about social media management for improved search engine rankings and traffic.

There have been reports being released that Facebook draws in more traffic than Google Ads and other traffic-driving tools. Whether this is true or not, it's not shocking to know that many other marketers are jumping in the bandwagon to try out Facebook marketing for themselves also because this way is a lot inexpensive and less difficult to set up.

Consider these tips on how to get appropriate traffic from Google directly to your Facebook business page.

Start building Tons Of High quality One way links

You will find a number of ways you can lead your potential clients and customers towards your page. This is one of the features of a social networking site. The more Likes that you have which equates to having more Fans, the more links lead back to your Page. This is also known as on-site optimization.

In off-site optimization, you do this by building links outside your business page. These can be within article websites, other social networking sites, weblogs, and email among many others. Using of articles to develop backlinks is quiet effective and cost-effective as well. Additionally, they can offer helpful information for your present and potential clients as well.

- Use A Professional Business Name

It's alright to become a bit innovative and fun with your updates. Yet, this isn't the case when it comes to your business name on Facebook. The main goal is to provide a name that's retrieveable for others. This maximizes your target keywords better. Also, remember that your name shouldn't sound like a sales pitch so don't stuff it with a lot of descriptions. Less is more. If the business name is Jeremiah's Fruit Shakes, for example, and there's something that sounds quite very similar to this, then make it Jeremiah's Organic Alabama Fruit Shakes.

You should also do the same for URL's. This is a somewhat new addition to Facebook features supposedly placed to make the searching for your Fan page easier. Again, don't try to be too crazy or creative. Go for something straightforward such as

- Your Profile Should Be Comprehensive

What can be a more significant aspect than your landing page on Facebook? Your potential customers will decide to read your profile and become your fan depending on how informative and appealing your page is. So answer completely as much as possible. This is also your chance to use a bit of your creative side. It would be best if you come up with some eye-catching content.

Your landing page is also one of the pages where you can place keyword-rich text. Aside from using targeted keywords, you can also add in broad, general keywords that are frequently used in your preferred niche. This is so Google can easily find your page. Also, take advantage of customer feedback or testimonials as these will help you attract more prospects. This will add reliability to your page and to your brand in general.

It is not advisable though, with all the advantages that Facebook has in case you were thinking of such action, to use the Fan or Business Page in lieu of an official website. Facebook only adds another dimension to the logistics of online marketing.

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