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Six Secrets of Credit Debt Consolidation: What the Banks don't Want You to Know

By Miguel Pancardo

The myths spread faster than the truth, which is why I am going to explain some of the most common myths in the credit repair area. One of the biggest myths is that you need a professional agency to manage your debt problems, these agencies can help you nevertheless they charge big fees for something you can handle yourself pretty well.

Myth 1: I Can't Do it Myself

You may need help in many areas of your life, but credit repair and debt consolidation is not one of them, believe me you can do it; if I did it you can do it too. I still remember the first time I saw my credit report and realized I had some late payments, a judgment and some other stuff, in that moment my first thought was "I need immediate help with this" after getting some good education on the topic I was able to do it all by myself and now I am going to give you the best education possible on these topics (debt consolidation, credit repair, and debt management) so you can face this problem by yourself. After I had my credit report in my hands I started noticing some huge mistakes, some of these mistakes were from the creditor, some others were from the credit bureau, and after making some more research I realized that anywhere from 75% to 90% of credit reports contain errors.

Myth 2: Your bad credit can't be fixed.

Wrong. Just because you have bad credit doesn't mean that you can't repair it. It may take longer to fix, but it is repairable. There are many fast ways to restore your credit, build positive lines of credit, and get yourself back on the right track to good credit. If you think a 520 is bad-it is. I was turned down by every credit card I applied for. I even got denied at Banana Republic in front of 20 people at Christmas time. Yeah, no fun at all. If I can do it, then so can you. It's a matter of becoming educated and these videos will show you how to get your credit back.

Myth 3: You Only Have One Credit Score

In reality, you have three credit scores, one from each of the major credit reporting agencies. All three will give different scores, so when applying for credit one company may use one company and another place a different one. It's always good to know your score from all three bureaus. They can vary by as much as 50 points.

Myth 4: If you Check Your Credit This Will Lower Your Score.

There are different types of inquiries: soft inquiries and hard inquiries, the hard inquiries are the ones that will affect your credit score and these are done from the companies you wish to get the credit from, the other inquiries do not affect your credit score and those are the inquiries where you just want the information for promotional purposes.

Myth 5: Shopping Around For a Loan Will Lower Your Score

Another very common myth, if you are looking for credit (mortgage, car loan, home loan) from several vendors, these inquiries will appear on your credit report just once, nevertheless this only applies if the same kind of inquiries are made within 14 days of each other. Just remember that this does not apply for credit cards.

Myth 6: Removing the Negative Items is the Only Way to Improve my Score.

This is true, but ONLY one piece of the credit repair puzzle. Although, getting negative items removed from your score will raise it, building "positive credit" is what will build your score further. Have you ever been turned down for having no credit? In other words, you don't have any "positive credit" built up with credit card companies.

"How to reduce your credit card interest rate with one simple phone call" this is free advice

It's actually quite simple. How to do it you ask? Break out your telephone, call them, and ask to reduce your interest rate. Mention that you have sitting in front of you, a credit card with a lower interest rate. Possibly a zero percent interest rate for 6 months, which then turns into an 8% rate. If you're current rate is 22%. A simple call will lower it. Mention that you are looking to balance transfer unless they lower your interest rate. Be nice to the operator. If they cannot drop the interest rate, speak to the supervisor. In most cases, after speaking with the supervisor they will drop your rate. To threaten to leave is the key.

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