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How to Sell Your House Quickly Without Employing Estate Agent

By David Hopton

In the autumn of 2009, Eddie and Sheila Saunders had been thinking about selling their vacation home in Worcester. They were, just like so many folks, feeling the depression, and had to raise some money. But they were also anxious to do it in the most cost-efficient way.

The query on their mind was, "Can I sell my house quick without help from an estate agent?" The couple didn't know for certain, but they made a decision to try.

"It was a gamble we were content to take," expounded Eddie, "because if that meant a saving of thousands of pounds on estate agent commissions, it'd be worthwhile especially in this down market."

In Britain, roughly seven percent of homes or 84,000 houses are sold secretly. But that figure, as Mark Parkinson, director of property consultant Middleton Counsels, said to the Times, is rising.

"Recessions inspire folks to go off-market because they are able to sell without publicizing the indisputable fact that they have lost their jobs, are divorcing or being chased by their banks," declared Parkinson.

The Thompsons spent a whole summer vacation fixing their vacation home, showing it and dealing with prospective buyers. It wasn't till half a year later when they were able to eventually sell the house, but they were able to do it. So While it requires a lot of hard work to be able to sell a house secretly, it can be done.

Here are six tips to help guarantee a successful sale without the employment of an estate agent:

1.Sell to a money home buyer.

You do not want to hang around for half a year like the Saunders if you really want and need to sell your place fast. You are able to save on estate agent commissions, legal charges, and home staging expenses, redecorating costs etc, and at the same time complete the sale of your home in just one or two days if you sell to a money home purchaser. If you are in deep finance trouble, are facing repossession, have to relocate, or are stuck in a series break, then you may need to sell your place quick. In any of those instances, only a cash house purchaser will be well placed to move sufficiently quickly to be well placed to help you.

2.Do Your Analysis

If you're not considering selling to a cash house buyer, then your initial step should always be to get to grips with the property costs in your neighborhood and the ins-and-outs of selling property. Study all of the bureaucracy and contracts on your house. Learn the language of the property market, read and consult Google.

Make sure you have all of the bureaucracy prepared for the shutting of the sale, including property records and title, insurance documents, and legal paperwork. Also find folk who can help you in the process- solicitors, valuers for example. And eventually, think how you wish to structure the deal, like maybe offering lease options, as an example.

3. Ready your house for viewings.

There are particular things you can't change about your place. If it is a posh pad in the best environment, then great, but if it's beside a run down abandoned building, what are you able to do? There are a large amount of things you can do to enhance your house, and consequently improve the possibility it will be sold.

You don't have to go funny re-building the entire house, that is just nonessential spending on your part. Start with the exterior. No one is going to need to look within if the exterior is unattractive. Known as 'curb appeal ', it could be worth landscaping your front lawn and repainting your home. It is also crucial to check home appliances such as boilers and central heating system, and other items like the roof, and flooring are in fine condition. Make sure the house is clean. Dump all the debris. Purchasers want to see a bright and roomy home.

Eventually, try hanging an iconic celebrity portrait or other item of interest in an obvious area. Not so much for decorative purposes but as an icebreaker to urge friendly conversation and rapport building.

4.Price your place right.

One of the most embarrassing mistakes house owners desiring to sell their homes privately is pricing their home too high. Doing that scares off prospective purchasers. The secret is to set a realistic requested price for your house. There are numerous ways to price your house yourself utilising the net.

Websites like can help you to find comparable properties in your area and see how much they have sold for. Just enter the postcode and press the for sale button. In the drop down box decide on the following options: enter search radius, number of. Rooms and property type. Select the 'include under offer, sold STC,and reserved properties ' and then simply click find properties. and will give you prices for properties sold with data right from the Land Registry. This info can be up to three months old though but it is a helpful place to begin, actually the same starting point a surveyor will use.

5. Market your house.

The web has opened a totally new world of possibilities when it comes to promoting a place. You can still go the conventional route, i.e classified advertisements," for sale" signs, flyers and posters, but why not post an advert on Craigslist? Or make a video and post it on YouTube? These internet sites get plenty of traffic and cost nothing at all. You can also spread the news on social network websites and forums. There are even online realtors who charge a relatively tiny amount to list your home in property portals.

6. Be prepared to negotiate on cost.

Even if you suspect you have set an acceptable price, customers will unavoidably wish to haggle for a more reasonable price. Have a bottom line that is backed up by robust research, and work out in the cost of continuing to market the house. If you think you can't handle it yourself, think about getting aid from a property solicitor.

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