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How to Shorten or Speed Up A Short Sale Process: Factors to Influence the Time Frame

By Farlong Bond

The short sale process can take a long time, but cooperation of all of the parties will help it proceed , as to avoid some weird time frames.

The method of selling a short sale is enough to keep some customers away make other sigh at the fact that they are going to have to handle it, but handle the we must. There's a sound reason why they take so long. They don't need to, but it is inevitable the more parties are involved and especially parties that'll be taking a financial hit the more time it will take to find answers and forms from everybody.

Let's have a look at some of the parties concerned and how they influence the time frames concerned.

1. Seller "The vendor is the first party instigating a short sale since they're the persons not able or unwilling to pay the mortgage. The short sale process runs much more smoothly when the vendor is opportune with providing the correct documents and providing them in a way dictated by the other parties.

Often missed cut offs can extend the method, unnecessarily, but weeks or perhaps months. Without the seller's full collusion the short sale will go nowhere.

2. Servicing Company "Most of the time the loans are handled by servicing companies. Even though you could be handling a fairly big name bank, it's their servicing arm you are dealing with and they have their own techniques.

B. O. A and a couple of others use Equator an internet processing methodology while other banks don't have such systems and each has it's own peculiarities. Then of course you are handling folks who generally have hundreds of such files. Put yourself in their position. Will you be more content to work with a cooperative seller, a full and complete file or the unready seller or a file which lacks certain documents. Often the negotiator are paid on results and results can't be got with unfinished files.

3. Valuation "the real estate valuation is handled by an unrelated party, sometimes one or two third parties. It is a way for the not holder to pinpoint the current market value and access how well an offer matches these valuations. If the offers are too low, try to imagine how much of a priority the file will get. Each process is a cycle and a badly aligned worth to contract price means, return to the starting line.

4. Talks "The servicing company can have a different notion of what the property owners should pay or their after the short sale duties. Sometimes these are easy and often they don't seem to be and each time several parties have to confirm or disapprove offers and changes to offers. This takes a little time indeed.

5. Seller's Agent "The seller's agent have to be on the ball with this. I have heard of agents obtaining offers and hanging onto them for weeks or months because they do not know what they are doing or they do not guide the vendor on the process. An informed experienced short sale agent will be of significant advantage to helping the short sale proceed in a timely manner.

6. Investor "The loan is frequently held by a stockholder, the entity that acquired the note at some specific point from the originators. The servicing company often has to cope with 500+ different backers each with their own tenets and bureaucracies and there may be 2-3 lean holders for one property.

7. Consumer "While the buyer has a miniscule role, their power to keep in the process will help the short sale move along. There truly is no moving fore-ward without the acquisition offer from the buyer.

As you can see the short sale process has plenty of folks and entities involved. In reality it's even more difficult. There are rules to follow, state laws and programs and frequently things change: buyer's can pull out, a seller can start a bankruptcy, the loan can be sold or there could be an impending trustee sale.

All this could give you a brilliant idea of why it takes such a long time.

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