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Critical Business Strategies to Generate Cash With Facebook Social Media Marketing

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By Jimmy Patel

In the last issue we mention about utilising marketing promotions, prize draws and special gifts to attract fans. In this issue of Facebook for Business we are going to go over a few tips for making money on Facebook.

Whether you require a source of income in combination with your day job or want to make a living online, this is feasible with the help of social networking sites particularly Facebook. Today let's explore on some of the money-generating strategies on Facebook.

- Retailing

Most online businesses from retail, consumer, travel and food today are embracing Facebook to get more customers. And why not Facebook is very user friendly and reachable to almost everybody. Having online presence through Facebook depends entirely on the owner.

While there are a lot of business owners that attest to the usefulness of Facebook marketing, there are also numerous others who aren't certain of its potential.For those who have brought their products to the online platform using Facebook, there are different apps which can help them make the most out of this social networking site.

Ebay has already come up with a special application that's meant for people who are marketing on Facebook. Radical Buy, on the other hand, is an application that immediately posts products and makes it visible in the customers? walls. Other applications you can benefit from include Flame Tunes, Lemonade and Music Blaster.

Facebook is not limited to selling different products though. You can sell your services online as well. With regards to the second money making usage (See Application Development below), anyone can sell various programming and Customization services online as well. Facebook partners with Paypal for these micro payment schemes.

- Program Development

Even Facebook itself is providing very profitable offers for people who will help them boost numerous programs in their market from monetization to promotion. The site pays you for suggestions that will help them develop these. Even other websites continue to post positions online for creating and managing a wide variety of applications for their businesses. As of recent news, there are still very few people primarily focused to producing applications. Because of this, looking for prospective customers won't be a big dilemma.

Computer programming has turned out to be a very essential factor of company leads generation nowadays and most applications reach several thousands.

- Endorsing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most populr ways to make money on Facebook. There are a number of sites looking to integrate various areas on Facebook that are accessible to customers. A lot of these use their own web pages to cross promote their goods or services. Google Adsense is quiet similar (though it is not available in Facebook since the social network site doesn't run with Java applications) where various merchants as well as affiliate marketers place ads in the Facebook space. Webstores such as Ebay, Amazon and other businesses are always on the look out for individuals to use their advertisements.

Most of these work on a commission basis meaning that when someone buys a product or service that your wall is advertising, then the owner of the wall will receive a substantial amount. At times, some companies don?t even require for their products to be bought. In some instances, any form of action such as people simply clicking on the ad or creating an account.

With these three money making techniques in mind, you can be well on your way into making more than what you expected out of a social media management site that was once just a pastime.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We are going to talk about using Facebook Groups for your business.

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