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Basic Retirement Plan Decision: 5 Good Reasons for Staying at Home than Relocating

By Mary Smith

Different types of choices in terms of how to proceed with their lives are available to people once they hit the age of retirement. One of the many possibilities given is the idea of moving or relocating to a new house. This is in fact one of the many significant decisions a person may have to do in his life.

In such a big decision as this, one ought to weigh a lot of different factors and concerns to arrive at the most desirable choice. Making plans in advance with regards to this is particularly critical, therefore, to save yourself from all the burden of having to make an abrupt decision. This article will try to expound on five reasons that might make you consider on staying than relocating.

1. Established Relationships and Connections

Choosing to stay in the place where we spent most of our life after retirement definitely has its fringe social benefits. We are able to stay physically present and connected to our family, friends and relatives. This is especially important to people in their golden retirement age. These people require close attention and support from their loved ones. Additionally, there is only minimal social adjustments required for people who opt to stay in their homes after retirement. These people are spared from the stress brought about by adjusting to the culture and social norms of a new environment.

2. Accessibility to Health and Recreational Facilities

In connection to the previous point, being familiar with the place is another major plus when you decide to stay in your home after retirement. Since you are already knowledgeable as to how things work in your community, you are able to maximize what it can offer to you. You can effectively budget your finances since you can already estimate more accurately the prices of your basic needs including food, clothing, bills, gas, etc. Moreover, you are able to save yourself from having to find another doctor if you decide to stay. Lastly, being a long term resident gives you the ability to take advantage of the benefits provided by recreational facility membership. These may range from clubhouse, golf, gym to other recreational activity any facility may render.

3. Safety and Security

If you have been living in the same place for more than a ten years, chances are the neighbourhood is safe and has a low criminal activity. On top of that, I think this is the most important factor retired people are supposed to take into account when deciding to move to a new place. All other aspects such as comfort and convenience can never substitute peace of mind. In the event you can't look for a place that can be as secure as your residence, you should definitely think about remaining in where you are residing.

4. Economic Security and Stability

Not all retired people are paid out a lot of money. In reality, several tend to be compensated just enough for them to live by. Transferring to a new residence can be a economic stress. Prior thinking about a transfer, cautiously plan if you are economically capable to do so. Simple practicality will tell you to not buy anything you can't manage to pay for. However, some bargain can also be created. You can spend your money in improving your own house. Possibly, this will be less expensive compared to moving in to a new residence. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop there. The key component to a post-renovated home would have to be routine maintenance.

5. Keep yourself busy

The number one enemy of most retired individuals is boredom. Human nature dictates that we engage in fulfilling and challenging undertakings. Retired individuals are no exception to this. However, most people fail to see this and end up doing things that do not really satisfy that need. One of the things that people unhealthily do is wanting to relocate in search of new things. However, it is more practical to engage ourselves in other motivating activities such as gardening, volunteering for social work or enhancing our houses.

Staying at home in your retirement years is never awful. You can still be around friends and family. Save yourself from all the physiological and economic hassle of relocating to another place. Be more at ease and safeguarded in your own home. Finally, discover brand new and fascinating things you've never attempted before. The decision relies heavily on your personal practical experience. Therefore, it is advisable to consider each and every concern, even those that weren't mentioned above, carefully and substantially.

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