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6 Tips to Make Your Real Estate Business and Marketing Plan

By Helen March

Each business needs to have a plan and every part of a business needs to have a plan. In a real estate business, you should make a real estate action plan to attain success with prospecting. Your goal should be directed at developing hot leads, warming up cold leads and usually dealing with leads in a manner that is OK to your business and the client.

Use everything that's available to you in generating your leads. The wider the net, the more fish it'll catch.

1. You have the power of the Net at hand, so create a quality real estate website. Pros believe that 89% or new prospects will look at it. Also, use advertising leaflets, adverts in the local paper, snail mail, email and telefone to get your name out there and make it familiar to all and sundry.

2. Do your market analysis. Stay in touch with what's occuring in real-estate, both in your neighborhood and national level. Know the areas where there are good colleges and sporting amenities that young families would like to move into. Retirees will prefer good medical care amenities, ease of access to activities and fewer steps in their home. Find out what is available and who wants it.

3. Work to boost your abilities. No use generating hot leads if you lack the experience to see when it's time to close the deal. Learning to read body language could be a handy asset. Cultivate your phone manner. If you sound short and less than friendly over the telephone people will be put off.

4. Never hesitate to get expert help in any area of your business. Professionals are there to help you to be successful in your business. They can see clearly what areas have to be improved, when you might be too close - or too pushed - to realise it. Particular behaviors or strategies may be costing you money and time without you even being mindful of it.

5. Always analyze what you have already done to determine whether your technique is succeeding or can be improved in any manner. Remember, if you are totally targeted on your consumer and how to help them best, then this could go a long way to your success.

6. Learn ways to prioritize. This will come naturally to a few individuals, although not to others. If you have appointments that must definitely be kept, avoid getting sidetracked into doing something else that may make you late. Being late makes people feel that you may not care about them or the deal, so you may lose customers as well as future business.

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